You Said Who? Alexander Spit

alexander-spitSo over the past school semester I was really going through a faze trynna find new artists to listen to cos everyone else in the rap game hasn’t been up to par in my opinion. Me and my boy Ozzy had a discussion about how the “new” underground of hip-hop is just a bunch drug addicts, rapping about how its cool. Not to be harsh but that’s whats being presented to us now-a-days. Alas we have this West Coast MC/producer named Alexander Spit of Asian decent who grew up in the Bay area and raps about being on “shrooms.” I read he’s back story on ComplexMag sometime in March and he got he the music shit popping through Supreme when he worked for them. Honestly I wasn’t impressed with the music nor the visuals that he had. I will say though he’s production is pretty on point and maybe he should just stick to producing than rapping. Here’s a new beat from he’s upcoming instrumental LP ‘Mansions 2.’


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