[Album] Jeff Mccloud – Mccloud Tape (Revisited)


“I’ve been soul searching to say the least lol. With the release of the “Mccloud Tape” back in july I noticed the people who gravitated towards the music also identified with who I am as a person. Although im versatile musically, you can’t help but notice that the more personal, honest records resonate more than other’s. Being able to find yourself within your craft at times is part of the maturation process as an artist. With that being said moving forward i’ll be using my birth name “Jeff Mccloud” for further releases.”

(Yeah Mccloud is my middle name lol…Also doesn’t help that jay z kilt the Jefe/Jeffe thing lol..Peace, love…Visuals on the way soon.)

Also attached is a brand new record titled “Believe” to the digital project.